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Whenever there is a tempest, a storm deva is near
Sometimes those storms take place around us,
and sometimes they lie within

Trailer video for Storm Deva’s debut album

Digital album and CD available now for pre-order via bandcamp.

“Melodic, emotive and very good”

Prog Magazine


“This is a band with musical chops and who just love to tell a story”

Deep within lies the truth you always knew
Now lost in the cacophony of life
Hidden from view
Reach deep into yourself
Past the shadowed hordes that turn the light away
Raise your sails to the wind
Let this journey begin …

Storm Deva combines rock, classical, folk and world influences to produce a set of unique songs, with lyrics rich in natural imagery.
The songs are arranged for a five piece band comprising vocals, piano/keyboards, guitar, cello, bass and drums.